About the Download

EIB inbound process can be painful and time-consuming. Users have to work with a complex file format that has many columns. EIB population can be confusing to new users, and it can lead to data errors in workday. EIBhub makes the process easier by providing easy to use tools to create EIBs ready with data. Users can just fill out easy to use sample CSV file, and then upload the CSV file to EIB cloud. Transformation happens in EIBhub and ready to load EIB is generated. It is a straightforward 3 step process.

  1. Complete easy to use CSV file (Sample csv provided)
  2. Create EIB with EIB cloud
  3. Load EIB in workday

This will surely make the data conversion and data load process easier for the users. Customers can spend their time with other value added activities.

visit eibhub.com for application demo